Secret Pie

Unveiling The Allure: A Detailed Exploration Of “Secret Pie” And Its First Dlc Festival. Embark On An Enticing Journey Into The Clandestine World Of “Secret Pie,” An Adult Game That Intertwines The Lives Of A Mansion Manager And Three Captivating Women. As We Delve Into The Intricacies Of This Visual Novel, We’ll Uncover The Secrets, Stories, And Features That Make It A Compelling Addition To The Genre. Furthermore, We’ll Explore The Recently Released First Dlc Festival, Introducing New Characters And Narratives To Elevate The Gaming Experience. Play Pornstar Games

About The Game: “Secret Pie” Invites Players To Unravel The Secret Stories Between The Mansion Manager, Ian, And Three Distinct Women – Rina, Ran, And Yui. The Game Explores Their Interactions, Creating A Narrative That Delves Into Diverse Characters And Love Within Different Worlds.

About The First Dlc Festival: The First Downloadable Content (Dlc) Festival For “Secret Pie” Introduces New Characters And Storylines, Expanding The Narrative Universe. Players Encounter The Intriguing Rina, The Enigmatic Ran, And The Surprising Yui. The Dlc Festival Promises An Immersive Experience, Raising Questions About The Future Relationships Between The Mansion Manager And These Captivating Women.

Meet The Characters:

  1. Rina:
    • “Ah, Don’T Worry. It Sometimes… Often Happens.”
    • Rina’S Character Is Introduced With A Touch Of Nonchalance, Leaving Players Curious About The Situations That Prompt Such A Response. The Dlc Festival Aims To Unravel The Layers Of Rina’S Personality And Explore The Dynamics Of Her Relationship With The Mansion Manager.
  2. Ran:
    • “Yes, Just Till Now! But What About In The Future?”
    • Ran Adds A Hint Of Anticipation To The Narrative, Sparking Intrigue About The Developments That Might Unfold Between Her And The Mansion Manager. The Dlc Festival Is Poised To Shed Light On The Future Possibilities And Deepen The Connection Between Ran And Players.
  3. Yui:
    • “I’M Surprised That Your Visitors Are All Women. Are You A Kind Of Casanova?”
    • Yui’S Entrance Brings A Humorous Touch To The Game, Questioning The Mansion Manager’S Visitors And Adding A Layer Of Playfulness. The Dlc Festival Promises To Explore Yui’S Character Further, Uncovering Her Motivations And Relationships Within The Storyline.
  4. Sia And Sea:
    • “Welcome To Cos-Play Bar Jemini!!”
    • “I’M Sea. As You See, We’Re Twins. I’M Also The Owner Of Here.”
    • Sia And Sea, The Twins From The Cos-Play Bar Jemini, Add A New Dimension To The Game With Their Unique Personalities. As Owners Of The Bar, Their Inclusion In The Dlc Festival Expands The Gaming Universe, Introducing Fresh Dynamics And Storylines.
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Game Features:

  1. Visual Novel Game:
    • “Secret Pie” Embraces The Visual Novel Genre, Providing Players With A Narrative-Driven Gaming Experience Where Choices Matter.
  2. Expansive Game Text:
    • The Game Boasts An Impressive Amount Of Written Content, With 14,000 Words In The Base Game And An Additional 23,000 Words In The First Dlc Festival. This Substantial Text Ensures A Rich And Immersive Storytelling Experience.
  3. Charming Women:
    • The Base Game Introduces Five Charming Women, Each With Unique Personalities And Stories. The Dlc Festival Adds Three More Captivating Characters, Expanding The Pool Of Intriguing Individuals Within The Game.
  4. Full Voices:
    • To Enhance The Gaming Experience, “Secret Pie” Features Full Voice Acting, Bringing The Characters To Life With Expressive Dialogues And Emotions.

The Story Unveiled: The Narrative Of “Secret Pie” Revolves Around Ian, The Mansion Manager, And His Interactions With Three Alluring Women – Airi, Mika, And Mei.

  1. Airi:
    • “Let’S Exchange Numbers.”
    • “Huhu, Fine. I Have A Gift For You.”
    • Airi’S Story Unfolds With The Offer Of Exchanging Numbers, Hinting At A Deeper Connection. The Dlc Festival Explores The Nuances Of Her Growing Fondness For Ian, Adding Layers To Their Relationship.
  2. Mika:
    • “………Don’T You Really Know The Name ‘Mika’? It’S Mine.”
    • “Now, I Have A Request To Mr. Owner~ Hehe!”
    • “Therefore! The Theme Of Today~! Ta-Dadadadadada………..”
    • Mika’S Character Adds A Mysterious Touch To The Game, Especially With Her Cryptic Theme. The Dlc Festival Further Develops Mika’S Narrative, Revealing More About Her Identity And Presenting Unique Challenges For The Mansion Manager.
  3. Mei:
    • “…….”
    • “….. What Do You Think Of Me, Mister?”
    • “……Sleep Here, Bro.”
    • Mei’S Enigmatic Character Raises Questions About Her Intentions And Adds An Element Of Intrigue To The Story. The Dlc Festival Offers Players An Opportunity To Explore Mei’S Personality In Greater Depth, Unveiling Hidden Facets Of Her Character.
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System Requirements: Minimum:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Sp1/Win8/Win10/Xp
  • Processor: 1.2 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 Gb Ram
  • Storage: 2 Gb Available Space

Conclusion: “Secret Pie” Emerges As An Alluring Addition To The Adult Gaming Genre, Blending Rich Storytelling With Captivating Characters. The First Dlc Festival Expands The Universe, Introducing New Faces And Narratives That Deepen The Gaming Experience. With Visual Novel Elements, Expansive Written Content, And Full Voice Acting, The Game Immerses Players In A World Where Secrets, Relationships, And Desires Converge. As The Mansion Manager Navigates The Complexities Of Relationships With The Alluring Women In His Life, Players Are Invited To Uncover The Layers Of Each Character’S Story. “Secret Pie” Promises An Intimate And Engaging Journey Into A World Where Every Secret Shared Adds A Layer Of Sweetness To The Enticing Narrative. Explore Sex Games And Get This Xxx Porn Game Online Today.

Secret Pie Sex Game

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