Intruder On The Bridge

Intruder Game Porn

Intruder On The Bridge: A Deep Dive Into The Galactic Odyssey Of Conspiracy And Command! Embark On A Cosmic Journey Like No Other As We Delve Into The Immersive Universe Of “Intruder On The Bridge.” In This Adult Visual Novel, Players Are Thrust Into The Role Of Captain John Dyce, An Illustrious Galactic Union Officer, Charged With The Command Of The Awe-Inspiring Flagship, The Ventura. As The Largest Spaceship Ever Constructed, The Ventura Becomes The Stage For A Gripping Tale Of Conspiracy, Intrigue, And Command. At The Heart Of The Narrative Lies The Tragic Demise Of Captain Dyce’s Brother, Setting The Stage For A Relentless Pursuit Of Truth Amidst The Shadows Of The Galactic Union’s Highest Echelons. Play Pornstar Games

About The Game: “Intruder On The Bridge” Transcends The Boundaries Of Traditional Gaming, Presenting A Rich Tapestry Of Storytelling, Interactive Gameplay, And Adult Themes. This Visual Novel Boasts A Substantial Six Hours Of Content, Accompanied By An Impressive Array Of 3000 High-Definition Images And Over 30 Minutes Of Full Hd Videos. The Inclusion Of Engaging Mini-Games, Such As Shoot’Em Up And Fps, Adds Layers Of Excitement To The Overall Gaming Experience.

Beyond The Enticing Gameplay, The Narrative Is Crafted To Unfold Dynamically, Shaped By The Player’S Choices. Players Will Navigate Through Interactions With A Diverse Cast Of Characters, Each Possessing Distinct Personalities And Backgrounds. The Promise Of Many Hours Of Entertainment Is Not Merely A Marketing Ploy; It’S A Commitment To Delivering A Truly Interactive And Immersive Experience. Prepare To Command The Ventura, Make Pivotal Choices, And Explore The Realms Of Both Duty And Desire In The Captivating World Of Intruder On The Bridge.

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Intruder on the Bridge Sex Game


  • 50 Full 1080P 30Fps Animations, Meticulously Designed To Captivate Players For Minutes At A Time.
  • 3000 High-Resolution Images In 1920X1080 Full Hd, Ensuring A Visually Stunning Journey.
  • An Extensive 6-10 Hours Of Gameplay, Providing A Deep And Nuanced Narrative Experience.
  • Thrilling Space And Ground Combat Minigames That Add An Extra Layer Of Excitement.
  • A Replay Gallery, Allowing Players To Revisit And Savor Key Moments In The Storyline.

Meet The Key Characters:

  1. Captain John Dyce:
    • A Masterful Strategist, Esteemed Captain, And Diplomatic Virtuoso.
    • Earned His Rank Through A Series Of Successful Assignments Within The Galactic Union.
    • Faces The Aftermath Of A Critical Mission Gone Terribly Wrong, Resulting In The Tragic Loss Of His Brother.
  2. Commander Shodan:
    • First Officer And Second In Command, A Dustadian On The Brink Of Extinction.
    • The Dustadians, Despite Potential Immortality, Face An Existential Threat From A Debilitating Disease.
    • Shodan, On His 459Th Birthday, Enlists In A Quest For New Experiences Beyond The Safety Of His Race.
  3. Lieutenant Commander Miranda Call:
    • The Brilliant Chief Scientist Responsible For The Biology, Chemistry, And Astrophysics Laboratory.
    • Renowned As The Granddaughter Of Walter Call, The Scientist Credited With Discovering The First Working Cure For Theta Radiation Flu.
    • Recent Promotion Places Her In A Pivotal Role, Determined To Prove Her Worth Through Passion And Dedication.
  4. Ensign Arkin Goodman:
    • A Marine Guard Turned Chief Helmsman, Despite A Demerit For Disobeying A Direct Order During A Critical Mission.
    • Demonstrates Exceptional Piloting Skills, With Nearly Three Years Of Service On The Ventura.
  5. Lieutenant Commander Alexandra White:
    • Ship Security Chief With Expertise In Advanced Combat Techniques, Guerrilla Tactics, And Martial Arts.
    • Oversees Ship Security Police And Landing Teams During Missions, Ensuring The Safety And Security Of The Ventura.
  6. Lieutenant Commander Hiroshi Tendo:
    • The Meticulous Ship’S Doctor Managing Three Sickbays With A Total Of 300 Beds.
    • Known For His Neat And Flawless Approach To His Duties, Prioritizing Honor Even Above The Galactic Union And The Hippocratic Oath.
  7. Lieutenant Hinai Volex:
    • An Expert In Cartography, Navigation, And Xenoanthropology.
    • Hails From A Cold Planet On The Galaxy’S Edge, Considered A Shaman With The Rare Ability To Dream Of The Future.
  8. Lieutenant Commander Turok:
    • Chief Engineer Of Argonian Descent, Residing In The Subsoil Of The Planet Argon.
    • Expert In Starship Engineering And Hyperspace Engines, Turok Enlisted To Escape The Stifling Customs Of His Noble Lineage.
  9. Lieutenant Amanda Donovan:
    • Responsible For The Defensive And Offensive Systems Of The Ship.
    • Commands Weapons Systems And Coordinates Fighter Squadrons, Playing A Crucial Role In The Ventura’S Battles.
  10. Lieutenant Cully Conner:
    • An Expert In Robotics, Automation, And Programming.
    • Recently Promoted To Lieutenant Grade, She Works Under The Direct Command Of Chief Engineer Turok.
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System Requirements: Minimum:

  • 64-Bit Processor And Operating System.
  • Windows 10.
  • 2.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo Processor.
  • 2 Gb Ram.
  • 6 Gb Available Storage Space.


  • 64-Bit Processor And Operating System.
  • Windows 10.
  • 2.0 Ghz Core 2 Duo Processor.
  • 4 Gb Ram.
  • 6 Gb Available Storage Space.

Conclusion: “Intruder On The Bridge” Emerges Not Just As A Game But As An Odyssey Into The Unexplored Realms Of Adult Gaming. With Its Meticulously Crafted Narrative, Intricate Character Development, And Visually Stunning Features, The Game Promises An Experience That Transcends Traditional Boundaries. Captain Dyce’S Journey, Intertwined With Duty, Conspiracy, And Personal Connections, Invites Players To Immerse Themselves In A Cosmic Adventure Where Every Choice Shapes The Destiny Of The Ventura And Its Crew. As You Navigate The Vastness Of Space And The Complexities Of Relationships, “Intruder On The Bridge” Beckons You To Command The Ship, Uncover Secrets, And Partake In A Captivating Odyssey Unlike Any Other In The Gaming World. Don’T Miss The Chance To Explore This Cosmic Narrative Masterpiece That Seamlessly Intertwines The Art Of Storytelling With The Thrill Of Interactive Gameplay. Explore Sex Games And Get This XXX Porn Game Online.

Intruder on the Bridge porn game

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